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How to submit a Freebie on XDGuru

By sharing your freebies on XDGuru, you not only help the XD community and other fellow designers, but you also gain a lot of exposure which might lead to:

  • scoring new clients
  • getting job offers
  • increasing your followers on Dribbble, Behance or Social Media

If you want to share your freebie, please click on the link below and follow the easy steps to submit it.


Submit your XD freebie



How to submit a Premium Resource on XDGuru

The vast majority of the resources you find on XDGuru are completely free, but we also feature a limited number of Premium XD Resources like UI kits, Wireframe Kits, Icons Sets, Illustration Sets, …

As we are fully focused on resources for Adobe XD, the authors of these premium products often get more sales on XDGuru than on other generic UI marketplaces.

To promote a Premium Resource, we ask for an affiliate commission for each sale we generate and we use the built-in Gumroad affiliation system to manage everything.

If you would like your product to be featured on XDGuru and want to know more about it, please contact us by sending us a link to your product.