Gender Neutral First Names

A Abimbola Abiodun Addison Ade Adebola Adebowale Adedayo Adi Aeron Ahn Ainsley Akachi Akira Ale Alex Alexis Alix Aleksandr and Aleksandra both go to Sasha Aleyamyehu Amal Amandeep Amani Amardeep Amari Amarjeet Amit Amor/Amore Anan Ananta Andile Andy Anh Ankhayar Anukta Aoi Apurva Aran Arden Ari Ariel Arista Aruna Asa Ash Ashanti Ashley Asti Atiya... Continue Reading →

We Had No Rules: a review

Corinne Manning Arsenal Pulp Press, May 12, 2020 Corinne Manning’s debut collection of short stories takes us into the messy world on contemporary queer life, navigating assimilition versus rebellion and fitting in versus belonging. Written in the first person, the narrators tell of gay divorces, break ups, hilarious at times, sexy as hell at others,... Continue Reading →


Agender: Relating to, or being a person who has an internal sense of being neither male nor female nor some combination of male and female : of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity is genderless or neutral.[1] In the print version of the OED of 1997, the word doesn’t exist. However, the online OED of 2020 defines it... Continue Reading →

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