Queer POC Poets & Writers

  Gloria Anzaldua “Borderlands” Richard Blanco “Looking for the Gulf Motel” Jericho Brown “The Tradition” Frannie Choy “Soft Science” Nikky Finney “Head Off and Split” Roxanne Gay “Difficult Women” Saeed Jones “Prelude to Bruise” Donika Kelly “Bestiary” Rickey Laurentiis “Boy with Thorn” Audre Lorde “Zami” Carmen Maria Machado “Her Body and Other Parties” Lee Mokobe... Continue Reading →

Non-Binary AUTHORS and their Protagonists

More books to look up by non-binary authors or featuring ungendered narrators. AMROU AL-KADHI, Unicorn: Memoir of a Muslim Drag Queen, details disastrous coming out stories, being inspired by the fluidity of marine aquatic life when exploring their nonbinary gender, discovering the transformative power of drag, and much more. Amrou Al-Kadhi is a British-Iraqi Muslim drag... Continue Reading →


An ongoing list of the work I'm discovering and reading in order to better understand how both the binary of gender and non-conforming genders are represented in contemporary literature. My focus has been on the West but would love to add more global authors and poets. Bibliography: Creative Works  Barnes, Djuna, and T. S. Eliot. Nightwood. New... Continue Reading →

Creative Works – a suggested reading list

Coyote, Ivan. One in Every Crowd : Stories.[1]  Perfect example of essays. Coyote is one to really dive into, mostly he writes essays as stories. His earlier work is online, performances etc and what I like is how that early body of work is simply being and not explaining. Bombardier, Cooper Lee. Pass with Care. [2]Great book on process... Continue Reading →

The Breakdown of Gender Binaries: Writing Genders in Contemporary Fiction

Citation: Ceri Louise, Davies, and Ceri Louise Davies. The Breakdown of Gender Binaries: Writing Genders in Contemporary Fiction. 2008. PhD Thesis. Swansea University. Wales. Accessed 01/09/2021: ttps://cronfa.swan.ac.uk/Record/cronfa42319 "In Gender Trouble, Judith Butler asked, "[i]s the breakdown of gender binaries ... so monstrous, so frightening, that it must be held to be definitionally impossible and heuristically... Continue Reading →

How to Create Ungendered Narrative Voices

On Ambiguity: The Genderless Narrator Workshop Outline 2/2019 Sex is biological. Gender is cultural. How do we reflect the difference between the two in our writing? Is it possible or are we so trained to classify each other by gender? I present the idea that unless we know how we are using gendered language unconsciously, we... Continue Reading →

PASS WITH CARE: a review

COOPER LEE BOMBARDIER navigates his journey to a sense of belonging through art, stories, and performance. The essays take us from a working class childhood in South Shore of Boston to San Francisco, Santa Fe, on tour across the States with Sister Spit, and more recently north to Canada where he calls home. His work... Continue Reading →

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