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by Aaron Chavez. (Trigger Warning: implied SA, suicidal ideation) Popcorn ceilings  Battery 16% Is typing….. Wyd  Demon time. Zzzzz…. Zzz…… zz…. 2 years The moment haunts you It repeats, every graphic detail Every second Every nerve of pain His anger, your fear Over and over Over and over. 1 year ago He kisses your neck... Continue Reading →

Spring 2023 Newsletter

From Sarah Leamy, one of the editors and founders of GQL. Spring 2023, Updates and Calls for Submissions Hello Friends,              First off, HOW ARE YOU? Are you surviving the cold? I’ve been lucky enough to work from Baja California, Mexico this winter and I almost feel a bit guilty as I watch the news and... Continue Reading →

Faceless by Allyson Nguyen.

Faceless and hidden I walk forever and anon To a nameless and unseen fate Fighting through gusts, —no, maelstroms— in these storms of hateful, biting sand and baneful, boiling rain I daily embark —nay, continue— on this journey of dreadful paths and vengeful wraiths. BIO: Well, I'm a transfemme poet with lots of queer things... Continue Reading →

I’ve Never Seen his Face

By R.L. Merrill. I’ve never seen his face But I know him implicitly He laughs at dick jokes  And innuendo explicitly. He sends me to giggling And distracts me with a look The closest I’ve come to finding him Was in the pages of a book. He’s a rebel, he’s obnoxious He’s probably out of... Continue Reading →

Poems by Joshua Merchant

Outside sounds like the family of cardinals- or the grief of lightening we survive together and still mundane- the walks from home. the movies. grocery store or dinner table. the vastness of it all. the field of horses behind my apartment that bring me to a pause. can’t see the face but I know something... Continue Reading →

The teacher had given the class a “quiet” class period just for the students to get started on the homework. As is the nature of highschoolers, it rapidly devolved into nobody working and everyone either chatting with each other or on their phones.  Any other day, Ryan would breeze through half the homework, come upon... Continue Reading →

Eeriness of divulgence 

by Alaro Basit. “I will save the feral in you some space to trot. I will mow it a lawn in my orchard & carve a seat out of your flaws. Side by side with your glitches I shall sit like I’ve always did —not to judge nor applaud you”, these were the words scurried from my buccal on the last... Continue Reading →


By Cameron Finch The dream goes like this: I am standing in a kitchen, standing at the sink. The world is dark outside, morning or night. Over the sink, I am holding a knife, a startling chef knife for chopping very fine onions or apples. Always the knife is arranged horizontally, as if I’m restraining... Continue Reading →

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