The Art and Practice of Queer Storytelling

A 6-week studio workshop with the Constellation, a place for writers By the end of the course, students will enjoy, evaluate, and practice the craft of writing queer narratives within a variety of genres. This course is open to queer writers/poets and our allies, in short, anyone who would like to immerse themselves in creatingContinue reading “The Art and Practice of Queer Storytelling”

How to Create Ungendered Narrative Voices

On Ambiguity: The Genderless Narrator Workshop Outline 2/2019 Sex is biological. Gender is cultural. How do we reflect the difference between the two in our writing? Is it possible or are we so trained to classify each other by gender? I present the idea that unless we know how we are using gendered language unconsciously, weContinue reading “How to Create Ungendered Narrative Voices”

Gender Neutral First Names

A Abimbola Abiodun Addison Ade Adebola Adebowale Adedayo Adi Aeron Ahn Ainsley Akachi Akira Ale Alex Alexis Alix Aleksandr and Aleksandra both go to Sasha Aleyamyehu Amal Amandeep Amani Amardeep Amari Amarjeet Amit Amor/Amore Anan Ananta Andile Andy Anh Ankhayar Anukta Aoi Apurva Aran Arden Ari Ariel Arista Aruna Asa Ash Ashanti Ashley Asti AtiyaContinue reading “Gender Neutral First Names”