Ten Indigenous Two-spirit Authors/Poets

Updated April 2021

Gwen Benaway “Holy Wild”

Chrystos “Not Vanishing”

Qwo-Li Driskell “Asegi Stories”

Jewelle Gomez “The Gilda Stories”

Daneil Heath Justice (co-edited the Sovereign Erotics collection) “The Way of Thorn and Thunder”

Tomson Highway “Kiss of the Fur Queen”

Maurice Kenny “Celebrations of a Mohawk Writer”

Deborah Miranda “Bad Indians”

She also edited a collection, Soveriegn Erotics

Sharron Proulx-Turner “she walks for days inside a thousand eyes”

Storme Webber “Blues Divine”

Published by Sarah Leamy

Sarah Leamy, MFA, is an award-winning writer and a bit of a wanderer. She has lived in England, Germany, Spain, Guatemala, Baja Mexico, and the Southwest of the US. She is the founder and editor of Wanderlust, an international travel journal.

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